Pesticide Screening

Nordic Analytical Laboratories offers R&D pesticide screening for the following analytes:



  • Imidacloprid

  • Imazalil

  • Azoxystrobin

  • Malathion

  • Myclobutanil

  • Bifenazate

  • Spirotetramat

  • Tebuconazole

  • Spinosad A

  • Spinosad D

  • Etoxazole

  • Spiromesifen

  • Avermectin B1b

  • Avermectin B1a

  • Permethrin


R&D pesticide screening analyses are performed on LC/MS/MS, with a 2-3 day turnaround time. Nordic is participating in the pesticide testing studies currently being conducted with other Colorado marijuana testing facilities and the CDPHE. Nordic is awaiting a pesticide testing certification program to be set up by the MED before offering certified pesticide analyses.