Cannabis Moisture Content Testing in Colorado 

Because testing for cannabis moisture content can be the difference between a high-quality, safe product and one that puts consumers at harm, securing an excellent testing provider is key to the success of your business.

While cannabis and hemp plants require a steady supply of water to thrive, it is critical that the final product is properly stripped of moisture. Unfortunately, over-moisturization is a common occurrence that can result from overwatering, ineffective curing, or high environmental humidity. For growers that utilize an outdoor growing environment, the risk is particularly high. 

But with cannabis moisture content testing from Nordic Analytical Laboratories, you can be confident that your harvested product meets your standards for quality and safety. Upon request, Nordic Analytical Laboratories will provide analyses of cannabis moisture content for all samples submitted for flower potency testing. Using our expert testing methods, you can pinpoint the originating causes of variability in potency testing results, as well as determining factors in the microbial total yeast and mold results

Reliable Cannabis Moisture Content Testing in Colorado

Although there are currently no federal regulations regarding moisture content testing, this service contributes to fulfilling your Colorado cannabis shelf stability requirements. Part of testing shelf stability is analyzing moisture content, as it relates to the development and spread of mold and other contaminants. Because it plays a key role in cannabis shelf life, moisture content can also be a useful marker for research and development purposes. 

Nordic Analytical Laboratories utilizes a loss on drying method, which has proven particularly useful for cannabis growers aiming to optimize their growing process. With the test results, you can better assess and troubleshoot issues with microbial contaminants, shortened shelf life, and other common challenges. 

Sample Submission Requirements for Moisture Content Testing

All sample submission requirements for cannabis testing at Nordic Analytical Laboratories are outlined here. For additional details about specific requirements for moisture content tests, please contact the laboratory.

Expected Turnaround Times for Moisture Content Testing

Typically, results for cannabis moisture content are available within the same timeframe as those associated with potency testing. If you require rush services, please inquire about availability by contacting our team.

Why Choose Nordic Analytical Laboratories?

Consistent, high-quality cannabis testing is a necessity for the quality, consistency, and safety of your products – so why not trust an award-winning laboratory to manage all your testing needs? Nordic Analytical Laboratories is an internationally recognized cannabis testing facility in Colorado, with lab locations in Pueblo and Denver. Conveniently located and exceptionally easy to work with, our Colorado cannabis testing laboratories are the first choice of many growers, producers, manufacturers, retailers, and others.

We provide Colorado state-certified cannabis testing services, adhering to the highest standard of excellence for scientific best practices and customer service. Additionally, Nordic Analytical Laboratories also facilitates research and development testing for cannabis businesses and organizations, as well as hemp testing for clients licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Using advanced testing methods and equipment, our highly-trained technicians are well-equipped to administer a full range of cannabis testing services, including moisture content testing, to suit your specific needs.

Get more information about our cannabis testing laboratories in Denver and Pueblo by contacting us today.

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