Client Portal

Nordic Analytical Laboratories’ client portal is second to none in the cannabis industry. Designed and developed in-house, our portal has been created with our clients in mind.

Easily retrieve all of your testing data, track your strains over time, perform data exports, generate and share QR codes through our built-in marketing tools, and more all through our portal.

QR Codes Available

QR Codes are becoming more widely utilized by the cannabis and hemp markets as a way to share testing data directly with consumers and wholesale buyers.

You have complete control over which reports are shared, and which are kept “private.” All test reports will be set to “private” by default. Simply make the reports “public” that you want to include on your QR Code, download the QR Code, and add it to any packaging you’d like! Each production or harvest batch will have its own unique QR Code, linking any/all reports submitted under the test batch received by Nordic.

Share Your Results

Making your reports “public” also gives you the power to share your results as a web link with the same information your QR Code provides. Use this link to send directly to a potential buyer, broker, or other interested party to share your results without the hassle of downloading and attaching documents.

You can also embed your test results directly to your website or wholesale platform.


Nordic’s client portal has many filter options to easily manage and view your test results. Check out what samples you currently have in progress in addition to your complete testing history. Filter options include location, license, test type, sample type, manifest number, METRC tag number, and more! Log in today to check out all of our filter options.

Data Tracking

Have you ever wondered how your strains are performing over time? Through Nordic’s portal, you can eliminate the guesswork and evaluate each strain independently with charting over time. Track your potency, terpenes, or contaminant tests to determine any trends that may be strain specific, or to see how your potency has changed over time.

API Integrations

Are you working with a third party API vendor that could benefit from having a direct line to your testing data? Our portal can be integrated upon request to work directly through API integration. Contact the laboratory today for more information.

Download the App

Available for both Android and iOS devices, download the our App today for even faster access to your test results!