Cannabis Dosing & Formulation Assistance in Colorado

As both cannabis and hemp-sourced products increase in widespread popularity, a growing number of consumers are turning to oils, edibles, and other products as an alternative to traditional smoking. For cannabis and hemp growers and producers, this means that formulation development has never been more important. 

Partner with the professionals at Nordic Analytical Laboratories for expert support in the process of formulation development, giving your business the advantage of our extensive expertise, laboratory testing services, and unmatched support. Whether you are attempting to perfect your products’ dosage, shelf life, absorption rate, or any other aspects of formulation, Nordic Analytical Laboratories is well-equipped to help.

With the services provided by our team of formulation scientists, you can effectively develop, modify, and improve your cannabis and CBD products with ease.


Nordic is able to provide infused product manufacturers with formulation assistance. Perfecting your facility’s dosing strategies will help you achieve process validation, and manufacture consistent products.

Our technicians have the necessary skill and methodology to manage to test for cannabis and CBD dosing formulation, which many of our competitors cannot yet offer. With more consumers expressing interest in CBD, many of our cannabis clients are working on expanding their product offerings to include hemp-based products. While there are many benefits to developing formulations for CBD products, there are also unique challenges. 

Nordic Analytical Laboratories can help you master the formulation process, working with you to eliminate issues and finalize a formula that will exceed expectations. Whether you are interested in using our services for cannabis or hemp products (or both), Nordic can meet your needs.

Matrix Blank Testing

Some infused products contain compounds that may interfere with the detection of cannabinoids. Nordic aims to provide the most accurate infused product results, and by testing matrix blanks, we are able to ensure any background interferences from your matrix are not counted towards cannabinoid concentration.

Concentrate Homogeneity

In order to get the most accurate potency on concentrates intended for infused product dosing, Nordic Analytical Laboratories strongly recommends requesting homogeneity testing. Our homogeneity service always includes potency, as well as a relative standard deviation calculation to demonstrate the evenness of cannabinoids in products.

Additional Services Available

Once you’ve perfected the formula for a new product, our work isn’t done: Nordic Analytical Laboratories provides a comprehensive menu of cannabis and hemp testing options to support your business every step of the way. 

In addition to formulation assistance, our cannabis labs in Pueblo and Denver can facilitate testing for:

We are fully MED-certified for cannabis and hemp testing, and have received international recognition for our participation in The Emerald Test as well as A2LA/ISO 17025 accreditation (International Standard of Organization. From the earliest stages of new product development and formulation to consistent compliance, Nordic Analytical Laboratories is your partner in professional laboratory testing.

Perfect Your Formulation Development Process with Help from Nordic Analytical Laboratories

Since our founding, Nordic Analytical Laboratories has served as a trusted provider of hemp and cannabis testing in Denver and Pueblo, CO. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with a diverse range of cultivators, producers, and others in the cannabis industry, lending our unmatched laboratory expertise to their business efforts. 

Certified by the Colorado MED and respected by the industry, Nordic Analytical Laboratories is recognized for our excellence in testing accuracy, quality of service, and reliability. Our technicians are highly trained and held to the highest standard of scientific integrity, so you can be completely confident in your test results. We understand that for your business, every product or sample represents a dedication to your customers – and Nordic is committed to going above and beyond to meet your needs with our selection of testing services.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Pueblo and Denver cannabis labs can help you refine your product formulas and achieve optimal results.

What Our Valued Clients Are Saying


“I searched all over for a cannabis testing lab that I could trust bringing my product to. I tried a few other labs, but nothing compares to the level of quality and attention to detail that comes from Nordic. I’d highly recommend them for all your testing.” – Blake W.